All items below, except as noted, are available for purchase from Christy. Please send an email to Christy Rupp.

Rat Patrol Poster

Rat Patrol, 1979. Relive a moment from the Lower East Side of the late 70s! Paste one of these on your building and remind your neighbors that the city really is an ecosystem with a delicate balance. 5 x 18″ offset print from 1978, originally “borrowed” from a subway car ad, signed by the artist. $125 including shipping.

Watershed glassware by Christy Rupp

Watershed Glassware. Set of four 10 oz tumblers, shown here filled with tap water from NYC. The glasses have images of “perfectly harmless” contaminants printed on them, to make consumers question how many parts per million is acceptable. Remember – if some of us consumers are more at risk than others, then we are all at risk. $135.00 including shipping.

Handwringing Kitchen Towel

Handwringing Kitchen Towel in Homeland Security Colors. Custom designed towel from Mayan Hands, Fair Trade Weaving Co-op in Guatemala. 15 X 18 “. A relic from the George Bush days of fear pervading even the kitchen, a  remedy for that queasy feeling at home, 100% cotton, washable and durable. Signed by the weaver & the designer. $65 including shipping.

Good Bug Blooms

Good Bug Blooms available from the Hudson Valley Seed Library. I designed this seed pack for Good Bug Blooms—a flower mix selected to attract pollinators to your garden. Check it out and see the other seed pack artworks as well.

Virus Menagerie

Virus Menagerie, 1999. Glass beads in the forms of common viruses. Keep nasty germs at bay with a statement about your personal boundaries. 13 varieties strung with clear glass beads and a clasp. $900 including shipping

Tiny Glass Virus Sculptures, 1998

Tiny Glass Virus Sculptures, 1998. Unlike real life they fit securely into a small cardboard box. 10 different organisms including Rabies, Influenza, Typhoid, Ebola and HIV. Comes with a miniature chart. Excellent for warding off disease provided you’re in the right place at the right time.$900 including shipping.

Hungry Ghost gift wrap

Hungry Ghost Gift Wrap, 2011. A way to notice the desire and mystery of attachment! Overall pattern of hungry ghosts wandering in search of gratification. Accompanying 100% cotton ribbon is printed with words like Attachment, Wisdom, Confusion, Habitual Patterns… sold in sheets 2 X 3 feet with 5 feet of ribbon. Use to wrap presents or as a reminder to just be in the present yourself. $25 includes shipping.

Bad Dreams Pillow Cases, 5 different printed images provoking awareness of recent ecological nightmares. All are polyester, machine washable in cold water, signed by the artist, $150.00 each.

Flint Water Plant, the tower used to store contaminated municipal water

Flint, Michigan, Water Crisis, 2014

Flint Water Plant tower used to store contaminated municipal water.

Porter Ranch Methane Leak in Los Angeles, CA, 2016

Porter Ranch Methane Leak, Los Angeles, CA, 2016

In the hills above Los Angeles, a massive natural gas leak started on October 23, 2015. An estimated 1,000,000 barrels per day were released, with a carbon footprint said to be larger than the Deepwater Horizon leak in the Gulf of Mexico. After many attempts, it was said to be plugged on February 11, 2016.

Corroded pipes from Flint, MI, drinking water

Flint, Michigan, Water Crisis, 2014

Corroded Pipes from the drinking water of Flint Michigan. Household water pipes, corroded by insufficient water treatment, served over 100,000 residents of the city of Flint, Michigan, for months before it was declared unsafe for drinking and bathing in 2016 by public officials.

BP Spill, Macondo Well Blowout in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010

BP Spill, Macondo Well Blowout in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010

Following the Deepwater Horizon blowout, known also as the BP spill in 2010, seafood from the Gulf of Mexico continued to be harvested, leaving consumers to wonder about the levels of oil ingested by fish and shellfish spawned after the water was laced by oil and chemical dispersant.

BP Spill, Macondo Well Blowout in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010

BP Spill, Macondo Well Blowout in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010